How to avoid falls at home

In-Home Care Advice

By Pat Hoogervorst, R.N., Clinical Services Director, Valley VNA Senior Services 

Six out of every 10 falls happen at home, where we tend to move around without consciously thinking about our safety. Sore muscles, broken bones, and painful bruises can be avoided by following these tips from the…

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by Tammy Malewski | January 25, 2017

Tips for Keeping Seniors Safe

By Colleen Harvot, Valley VNA Director of In-Home Care

As a neighbor to an elder, you’ve probably noticed that older people tend to have regular routines. Does the elderly gentleman next door always pick up his newspaper from the front stoop by 8 a.m.? Why…

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By Julia Ryan, Valley VNA Food Service Coordinator

Valley VNA has its share of active gardeners. Many of our residents had large family gardens from which they harvested and preserved food for the winter. Some of them nurtured showy flower gardens, and others farmed for a living. It’s…

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by Tammy Malewski | August 26, 2016

By Colleen Harvot, Director of In-Home Care, Valley VNA

Researchers have proven caring for a spouse between ages 66 and 96 can increase a caregiver’s risk of death by 63 percent compared to people the same age who are not caregivers.¹ You are not imagining things when you…

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by Tammy Malewski | August 19, 2016

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