What is Life Enrichment?

Life Enrichment Activities are opportunities for seniors to participate in activities that have meaning to them. These activities are ones that the seniors enjoy and have impact. Valley VNA’s goal is to keep seniors engaged in activities and interactions that are individualized as well as genuinely fun and enriching.

For In-Home Care

We take the time to get to know your interests and expectations to create a plan of activities you’ll enjoy.

Your caregiver will explore our Life Enrichment Library and check out items to use during your visits. In addition to home-based activities, regular outings are an integral part of the program. In-Home Care clients are also invited to participate in activities and programs that are held at Valley VNA’s building, including activities such as exercise, musical entertainment, seasonal celebrations and Valley VNA’s annual picnic in June.

Our Life Enrichment Library includes items such as:

  • Books and magazines (most requested topics)
  • Exercise videos, hand weights and stretchy bands
  •  Music (personal interests accommodated)
  • Puzzles and games
  • Craft kits
  • Manicure kits
  • Relaxation therapy supplies
  • Baking and cooking projects
  • Movies and television shows

For Residents

Be as involved as you would like with the many varied activities offered each day.

Your monthly calendar is your guide for knowing what’s going on at Valley VNA. From weekly Current Events to annual Spring Fling dances, there’s something available for everyone. Something you’d like us to consider doing? We are always open to hear new ideas for future programs.

Some regularly scheduled activities include:

  • Movies and sporting events on the Big Screen
  • Monthly and seasonal themed parties – Birthdays, Luau, Spring Fling Dance
  • Daily exercise and Walking Club
  • Wii Bowling
  • Weekly Current Events and Bingo
  •  Prayer Services, Bible Study, and Rosary
  • Out to Lunch concerts at Shattuck Park
  • Concerts in the Park

Resident Activity Calendars

Memory Care for Residents

Our Therapeutic Recreation Specialist designs our specialized life enrichment program through a combination of therapeutic and leisure focused activities. 

The program goal is to build or maintain your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being through all stages of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We look forward to your input as we individually tailor life enrichment opportunities based on your loved one’s interest and abilities.  

Some regularly scheduled activities include:

  • Small group leisure activities (2-5 individuals) – Checkers, bean bag toss, manicures, coffee/tea time, etc.
  • Regular exercise – Stationary cycles, Thera Strips, and hand weights
  • Mind stimulating activities – Purposeful housekeeping tasks, Current Events, Time Slips for Reminisce
  • Sensory and touch – Use of essential oils,  hand massage, therapeutic gardening
  • Fun and games – Bingo, Wii games, card games, craft projects

 Music Soothes the Soul . . . That’s the connection your loved one will experience through our formal music program, led by our creative Music Director. Music is shared on a daily basis and through our innovative music programs – Music & Memory, Lyrics & Laughter and Drum Circles.

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“All of the many activities have helped with my husband’s quality of life, and for this we are most appreciative to Valley VNA.”

– Joan, New London

In-Home Care Client

Lyrics & Laughter™

Research shows that music, especially with active participation, demonstrates physiological, emotional and social benefits to those with memory loss. Active participation stimulates the brain and also has some physical benefits. Music is a road to memories and helps those with dementia to engage and socialize in ways they normally cannot do.

Valley VNA collaborated with Dr. Susan McFadden of UW-Oshkosh to design, implement and evaluate the program, which is based off the United Kingdom Alzheimer Society’s program “Singing for the Brain.”

poetry at play valley vna senior services

Poetry at Play

Poetry at Play is based on a simple idea: to read classic poems to people living with Alzheimer’s disease that they might have learned as children. For emotional expression, residents also create their own poem.

Our Life Enrichment Team were trained by poet Gary Glazner, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project (featured on the TODAY SHOW and National Public Radio) on this unique reminiscing program. One-of-a-kind poems are created monthly by a group of our assisted living residents.

Namaste Care - Honoring the Spirit from Within

Namaste Care is a program designed to improve the quality of life for people with advanced dementia.

Hand and foot massage, brushing or combing a persons hair with slow movements and moisturizing the ladies faces with “Ponds” cold cream, a scent they may remember from their youth, are a few ways that bring pleasure and an inner calm when done with a loving touch.

We provide a calming and serene environment with defusing essential oils, watching the fish swim with gentle music playing.


music and memory valley vna senior services

Music and Memory

We are a certified Music & Memory site. This national program provides personalized playlists using iPods and other digital audio systems enabling those with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to reconnect with the world through music-triggered memories.

What are the anticipated benefits?

  • Gives “simple pleasure”
  • Increases cooperation and attention
  • Reduces agitation and sundowning symptoms
  • Enhances engagement and socialization
  • Provides a valuable tool, supporting the reduction of anti-psychotic medication usage

Drum Circle

A Drum Circle is a meaningful and fun activity that incorporates hand drums and other percussion instruments to make in-the-moment music. Each person who participates in this activity is recognized for bringing his or her unique contribution to the group song.

“In-the-moment music is about celebrating what is happening, not what is supposed to happen. The music is not judged for what it could sound like, or what it was like last week.  It is appreciated and celebrated for what it does sound and feel like right now!” -Tom Gill, Drum Circle Facilitator & Educator

Time Slips

This storytelling program is designed to encourage the imaginations of those with memory challenges. Using a picture, a staff facilitator and a storywriter, the group creates a story that stimulates and encourages self-expression.

Exercise, Meditation and Movement, Cycling Around the World Tours

Whether individuals participate in the Walking Club, attend staff-lead exercise classes, cycle around the world video tour, or maybe enjoy their time with Candice in Meditation and Movement. There are many opportunities to stay active. The therapy-based exercise program is designed to support fall prevention and also provides group socialization people enjoy.

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