My name is Michell Weiss Kettner and I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1984. After working in a salon in Appleton for five years, I took a hiatus for 8 years to help build up my husband’s business.

In 1998 I was ready for a rewarding new start back in the hair industry. I saw an ad about The VNA and all the services they had to offer. After meeting with the Vice President at the time, I was hired on as their first contracted hairdresser for in-home clients. Two years later, The VNA Assisted Living was built and I was offered the position of an independent hair stylist in the two in-house salons. 

Twenty-five years later, I am grateful to still be a part of The VNA team. What a blessing it has been to do life with so many wonderful people over the years. To share stories, history, joys, sorrows, and friendship has been just as impactful, I feel, as lifting their spirits with a new look. I take the challenge of making someone happy by pampering them and talking with them to heart. In turn, I’ve been changed for the better by the wisdom, kindness, humor, faith, and trust my clients have shown me.

I have two cute quotes that have stuck with me from a late customer Della. On her good days ” I’m cookin’ with oil!” and on her off days “My forgetter works good today!” Such an amazing generation of hard working people of integrity! I look forward to many more memorable moments in our salons.