July 31, 2020: UPDATES Shared with Residents and Families

We are happy to announce the Cycling Without Age program hits the road the week of August 3!

Julie Roh, volunteer coordinator, has spent time with some of our pilots this past week to ensure that everyone is up to speed on additional safety measures to ensure a safe ride for both our residents and volunteer pilots. Overall, the process followed in years past is the same with a few minor changes. One of the changes: the pilot will not have direct contact with our residents, so staff will need to be sure the resident is secure in the rickshaw and ready to go. We have added a clear plexiglass barrier between the pilot and rider, and the pilot will remain seated on the bike while the Resident Assistant assists the resident on and off the rickshaw. We are very excited to get this program rolling so residents can spend more time enjoying the outdoors!

You may have already heard about the recent mandate from Governor Evers. If you would like to read more, the full press release is available at evers.wi.gov.

Governor issues new executive order

July 30, 2020 Today Governor Evers announced a new executive order mandating face coverings indoors or in enclosed spaces, other than when at home. We know that face coverings are an effective tool in fighting COVID-19, and we encourage you to do your part in protecting the health and safety of your fellow Wisconsinites by wearing a face covering and encouraging others to do so.

Over the last month, Wisconsin has seen a surge in cases. This increase in cases cuts across the entire state with a significant majority of counties at high COVID-19 activity levels. Statewide action is necessary to protect the health and well-being of Wisconsinites.

Please know we continue to take the necessary precautions against COVID-19 to keep all of us safe and healthy at  Valley VNA.

Thank you for patience, support, and understanding.

Theresa Pichelmeyer, President and CEO



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