Valley VNA has established a mission to provide quality choices for senior living with a vision to be the provider of choice for in-home care, independent and assisted living.  It is our vision to be a resource for seniors and their families.

In addition it is our vision to be the employer of choice in the Fox Valley for senior care. Valley VNA has developed a Quality Program to foster an organization-wide culture of quality assurance and quality improvement to achieve the mission and reach the vision.

The purpose of the Valley VNA Quality Program is to take a proactive and systematic approach to continually evaluate current practices and make improvements where needed in the way we care for and engage our residents/clients  and staff.

The Quality Program enables Valley VNA to identify systems, management practices or care services that have already or could in the future lead to negative outcomes for residents,  as well as areas and systems where Valley VNA can enhance and improve the quality of care and service provided.

The Quality Program encourages involvement from leadership, management, and staff within Valley VNA.  This involvement engages and empowers all employees to accept and embrace their impact on quality care for the residents.  Reaching goals and outcomes within the projects of Quality Assurance will lead to accomplishment of the overall mission and vision of Valley VNA.

The Quality Program is built around five elements that will create the strategic framework to develop, implement and sustain the program.  The elements will be outlined in the program and are as displayed.