Valley VNA Assisted Living is now officially the second assisted living community to become Diamond Accredited with Wisconsin Assisted Living Assocation.

This was a 3 year journey developing a quality program our residents deserve.  There was a great deal of work involved and our entire team pulled together for this proud accomplishment.

Accreditation Press Release



Keeping you up-to-date on our Diamond Accreditation journey . . .

2014 – The Beginning

In February, Valley VNA Assisted Living was accepted into the program and a steering committee was formed including Resident Assistants, Shift Managers and RNs.  Using the Diamond Planning Workbook process , the committee chose our first quality improvement initiative to work on – Develop a process for Resident Assistants to be trained in medication administration.  Training strategies were developed to promote improved competency and confidence for caregivers responsible for medication passing.  As a result, we have increased the number of training classes offered which has also increased the number of staff available to pass medications at any given time and maintain their skills.  With Valley VNA’s overall goal of reducing medication errors, we are demonstrating on-going progress.

2015 – New Initiatives and First Status Report

This year staff teams will begin two quality initiatives:

  1. Examine our current falls prevention program and look for areas of improvement.
  2. Study and develop strategies to ensure safe medication administration.

In addition, collaboration with ThedaCare is also underway to develop protocols for care of residents with pneumonia.

In May, we received our first Diamond Participant Status Report from WALA. Out of seven categories, Valley VNA’s Assisted Living received two Exemplary and five Satisfactory ratings . . . a great first report.

Seven Categories of Review

  1. Peer Partnering
  2. Chosen QI Projects
  3. Quarterly Submission of Quality Data to WCCEAL
  4. Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey
  5. Diamond Meeting Attendance
  6. WALA Educational Event Attendance
  7. Regulatory Standing

Our goal is to increase exemplary status in more categories by year end. With our continued progress, we are on the road to being one of two assisted livings in the Fox Valley area to be formally recognized with Diamond Accreditation in the State of Wisconsin.

2017 – We were surveyed on Tuesday, September 26th. 

The Diamond Accreditation Program takes great pleasure in informing you that the Accreditation Visit final score for VNA Assisted Living is at a level surpassing the minimum required for Accreditation. VNA Assisted Living is now officially the second assisted living community to become Diamond Accredited. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment! You, your staff, and your residents all have good reason to celebrate this event. We here at WALA are beyond pleased for you!