In 1908, a group of strong women responded to a growing need for public health care in the area and started the VNA. Today, over 100 years later, Valley VNA is still a vibrant part of the community. Our team is comprised of people who are dedicated to Valley VNA’s mission and are committed to meeting the needs of the seniors we serve. In fact, our Executive Team has an average of 10 years of service to Valley VNA. We are proud of this longevity and believe that it stems from our team really believing in our mission to serve the community.

Take a minute to get know our team members and the role they play in our organization.


In Home Care

Colleen Harvot


920-727-5555 - ext 2217 E-mail

Colleen lives in Oshkosh and has worked in home care since 1985.

As Director, Colleen oversees all aspects of Valley VNA’s In-Home Care business and community resource programs – Neenah Menasha Meals on Wheels, annual flu vaccination clinics, and foot care clinics.

Colleen finds it rewarding knowing the care provided to clients will allow them to stay in their homes as long as possible.


Julie Fries, R.N.

Client Care Coordinator

920-727-5555 - ext 2247

Julie Fries started her career with Valley VNA in 2002. She started as an RN with In-Home Care and in 2010 transitioned to the assisted living team. In January, 2014 she happily returned to In-Home Care after a nurse retired.

Julie helps clients find the services they need; trains and supervises the caregivers; communicates with clients and families on an ongoing basis; and conducts Options & Solutions visits, foot care clinics, blood pressure clinics, and community health chats.


Andrea Hilgers, LPN

In-Home Care Client Care Coordinator

Andrea started her career in the nursing field in 1997.  Andrea evaluates individual client and family needs, initiates plan of treatment and care.  She continually connects with clients, families, doctors and staff to affirm changes or needs.  She coordinates community resources, Options and Solutions visits, BP clinics and health chats.




Corrie Jape

In-Home Care Manager

920-727-5555 - ext 2218

Corrie lives in Neenah and began working for Valley VNA in 1999. She started in the assisted living as an RA before becoming the scheduler for In-Home Care in 2007.

Corrie works closely with clients, families and caregivers to coordinate the scheduled visits to clients throughout the Fox Cities, Oshkosh, Greenville, Hortonville and New London.


Bobbie Rhoades

Meals-on-Wheels Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

920-727-5555 - ext 2213

Bobbie lives in Neenah and has worked at Valley VNA since 2005.

Besides coordinating the Meals on Wheels program, she also helps to schedule caregivers for our In-Home Care clients. Bobbie also works with the Emergency Society who provides many of the volunteer Meals on Wheels drivers.



Assisted Living

Pat Hoogervorst, R.N.

Clinical Services Director

920-727-5544 - ext 1032 E-mail

Pat began her career with Valley VNA in 1994, first with In-Home Care and then moving to Assisted Living. She has been Clinical Services Director since 2002.

Pat oversees the clinical quality and operations of the Assisted Living. Her history with Valley VNA, along with her clinical expertise, is a wonderful resource for residents and families. Pat works closely with the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association, and their program the Diamond Accreditation process and the Three Pillars of Care. The program criteria are designed to be a standard for excellence in assisted living orgranizations seeking the highlest levels of customer-driven quality performance.



Angela Franz


920-727-5544 - ext 2245

Angela has worked at Valley VNA since 2001. She started her career as a Resident Assistant in Assisted Living before moving to her current position in August of 2014. Angela is responsible for staff and daily operations of the CBRF and Alexandrite Manor.



Gwen Van Handel, R.N.

RN Clinical Consultant

920-727-5544 - ext 1031

Gwen joined the Valley VNA in July 2016 and brought with her many years of experience as a nurse.

Gwen grew up in a rural farming community and really enjoys nature and the outdoors. Her family enjoys camping with their dog “Stink”- who really enjoys the campfires.  Gwen attended FVTC  in Appleton where she began her Nursing career as a CNA during her senior year of high school.  Gwen’s Motto:  “You learn something new everyday.”

Gwen is available to residents, families and staff to answer questions pertaining to the resident’s well-being and acts as a liaison between resident, family and physician.


Erin Kaskavitch, R.N.

RN Clinical Consultant

920-727-5544 - ext 1033

Erin has been with the Valley VNA since February 2018. She brings with her previous  experience in hospice, homecare and hospital nursing. Her passion for promoting quality of life is her favorite thing about nursing.  She is a mom to two beautiful girls and enjoys running and spending free time with her husband and girls.



Candice Jagla

Wellness Coordinator

920-727-5544 - ext 1034

Candice has a background in Occupational Therapy and provides exercise individually or in a group setting to maintain overall health for the residents. Part of her role is to be the liaison between therapy and the VNA for the follow through of home exercise programs the therapist’s provide. This entails carrying through the exercises, educating staff on follow-through, and monitoring these tasks. Candice also offers exercise programs in groups or on a 1:1 basis.


Bill Mauthe

Life Enrichment Coordinator

920-727-5544 - ext 1060 E-mail

Bill has worked in the coordintation and implementation of activities and social events for seniors since 1995. He joined Valley VNA in 2007 and plans monthly activities for residents.

Bill’s philosophy for activities is simple: “No matter what age a person is, the need to have FUN and ENJOY ONESELF is as basic a need as food and water.”


Jackee Lee

Life Enrichment Coordinator

Jackee started her career with the Valley VNA as a caregiver in 2016. Jackee’s role changed to Life Enrichment Coordinator in 2018. Jackee has enjoyed being able to learn and grow with Valley VNA from the day she started as caregiver. Jackee has a passion for helping others and bringing joy to them right here in their home.


Christy Feuersthaler

Music Coordinator


Christy provides beautiful music and singing for our community through our Lyrics & Laughter™ Community Program and for special events.  Christy brings her knowledge of working with dementia and relating music they know, love and grew up with.



Rev John McFadden – Volunteer


John is a graduate of Drew University School of Theology and served at First Congregational Church in Appleton as their senior pastor from 1983 to 2006.  John serves as chaplain for the memory units at Bridges of Appleton and Valley VNA with a particular focus on pastoral presence to persons with advanced dementia. He writes and speaks extensively about aging, spirituality and dementia.  He and his wife, Dr. Susan H. McFadden, are co-authors of Aging Together: Dementia, Friendship and Flourishing Communities.



Julia Ryan

Food Service Coordinator

920-727-5544 - ext 1050

Julia lives in Oshkosh and has worked in Food Service for over 30 years and joined Valley VNA in 2005.

Julia plans an eight week menu cycle for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Requests from residents fill the menus, along with likes, dislikes and special diet orders.

Julia’s favorite thing to do is Food Activity with the residents. “It’s really fun.  I’m able to really get to know the residents.”


Marian Drexler

Administrative Assistant


Marian has lived in the area for over 30 years and has worked for Valley VNA since 2006.

Marian is often the first person you see when you come to Valley VNA. As Administrative Assistant for the Assisted Living, she mans the front desk and phone during the work day. In addition, Marian assists with tours and is there to welcome new residents and help with the “move-in” process.


Shift Managers

Tiffany Seemeyer

Shift Manager Days

Tiffany has worked at Valley VNA since September of 2008 as a High school senior. She was hired as part of the Internship program & has been with Valley VNA ever since.  She has enjoyed being able to grow with the company and experience all the positives that have gotten her to the Day shift Manager position.  Tiffany embraces the challenges that a manager can face but the smiles on the residents faces are always the most rewarding.



Kellie Smillie

Shift Manager Days

Kellie has worked at Valley VNA since 2002. She enjoys working with our residents and staff and enjoys the challenges of being a Shift Manager – where each day brings something new.

Kellie lives in Neenah with her husband and two kids.



Deb Jaskolski

Shift Manager Nights

Deb has been a shift manager with Valley VNA since 2003. She has 23 years of medical experience. Deb feels her job is the most rewarding and fulfilling because of the great, caring staff and loving residents.



Cory Naples

Shift Manager Nights

Cory has been working at Valley VNA since 2015. He started working as a resident assistant, then moved into a Team Lead position before being promoted to Shift Manager.  Cory enjoys camping during the summer and resides in Oshkosh.  Cory enjoys working as a shift manager on the night shift and the ability to learn something new everyday.




Administrative Offices

Theresa Pichelmeyer

President & CEO

920-727-5555 - ext 2201 E-mail

Theresa grew up in Neenah and has worked in healthcare for over 30 years. Theresa started her career with Valley VNA as Assisted Living Administrator in 2007.

As President & CEO, Theresa oversees the leadership of the organization. She works closely with the Board of Directors and Valley VNA staff to implement the strategic direction as established by the Board of Directors and ensures the delivery of Valley VNA’s mission of Providing Quality Choices for Senior Living.


Monica Askelson

Human Resources Director

920-727-5555 - ext 2202 E-mail

Monica joined Valley VNA as the Human Resources Director in 2012.

Monica’s role at Valley VNA is to ensure that the organization’s human resources needs are being met and that the right people are hired to care for our seniors.



Danielle Ficek

Administrative Assistant

Danielle has been with Valley VNA since May 2018. Administrative expertise is part of Danielle’s DNA; she has over two decades of experience as an administrative professional. She provides support for the Executive Team, and Level 1 technical support for computer and phone issues for the Valley VNA campus. “I love my career as an administrative professional; no two days are ever the same. The fact that what I do helps others be more effective and I enjoy making a difference, supporting and adding value to someone else’s work-life.”


In her non-work life, she loves to read, listen to music (jazz and classical are her favorites) go to the movies, visit museums, and try new restaurants.


Renee Neumeyer

Business Development Director

920-727-5555 - ext 2240 E-mail

Renee has lived in Neenah since 1979 and started working for Valley VNA in 2001.

Renee’s role is welcoming in new residents. She is available for tours and is a resource for those seeking information about independent and assisted living options. She works closely with residents and their families on initial paperwork and oversees the move-in process to ensure that it all goes smoothly.  As Business Development Director Renee supports the growth of Valley VNA’s home care, assisted living and community resource programs in Neenah and Menasha.


Tammy Malewski

Marketing and Fund Development Director

727-5555 - ext 2207 E-mail

Tammy lives in Neenah and joined the Valley VNA team in June of 2015.

Tammy is responsible for planning, development and implementation of the Valley VNA’s marketing strategies, communication and public relation activities to consistently articulate the Valley VNA’s mission, vision, values and branding.

She also provides leadership and management of fundraising efforts to cultivate and secure financial support from individuals, charitable foundations and corporations.  Tammy is responsible for the development of fundraising activities, events and donor relations within the Valley VNA.


Tara Pichelmeyer

Senior Living Advisor

920-727-5555 - ext 2241 Email:

Tara started her career with the Valley VNA as a caregiver in 2016.  Tara’s role changed to Community Outreach Coordinator in May of 2017.  In November of 2018 Tara started her role as Senior Living Advisor providing tours and information about the programs and services at Valley VNA to families along with outreach to the communitiy and referral sources.  Tara’s training and education makes her a great choice to be working with families, referral sources and the community, sharing her passion for the Valley VNA.



Cheryl Ehlers

Education and Training Coordinator

920-727-5555 - ext ext. 1080

Cheryl has worked at Valley VNA since 2003. She started her career in the Assisted Living as a Resident Assistant, then moving to Shift Manager and then Supervisor. She began her current position in August 2014.

Cheryl is responsible for implementing training programs and orientation for Assisted Living and In Home Care front line employees, as well as coordinate ongoing training needs and continuing education.  She is also responsible for our new Caregiver Training Program that began in 2014.



Business Office

Vicki McAuliffe

Chief Financial Officer

920-727-5555 - ext 2206 E-mail

Vicki has worked at Valley VNA since 2008. She oversees the business office, nutrition services and maintenance teams.  Vicki is responsible for all financial information for the organization.



Gina Peeters

Accounting Clerk

920-727-5555 - ext 2205

Gina started at Valley VNA in 2012. She is responsible for Assisted Living payroll, along with accounts payable for Valley VNA, Assisted Living, and Apartments.



Brenda Coats

Accounting Clerk

920-727-5555 - ext 2235

Brenda started at Valley VNA in 1993. She is responsible for VVNA payroll along with invoicing and accounts receivable for Assisted Living, In-Home Care, and Apartments.




Bob Lornson


920-727-5555 - ext 2236

Bob and Jimmy are responsible for the upkeep of the buildings and grounds. They are also available to help the residents with any on-going maintenance needs for their appartments.  Bob and Jimmy make sure the entire campus is safe and efficient for residents, staff and visitors.



Jimmy Miller


Jimmy comes to us with years of maintenance and experience in the long term care enviroment. Jimmy also offers pet therapy with his two Golden Doodles Emma Jean and Leah Sophia with Valley VNA residents and staff.