Does flexible scheduling, on-the-job training and a team atmosphere sound like your ideal position? Read on. Valley VNA currently is hiring resident assistants (also known as assisted living caregivers). These positions may include a complete orientation and job shadowing, with Teepa Snow’s Gem dementia training. Flexible schedules, a team atmosphere that existing team members rave about.

Assisted Living Caregiver Duties

As an Assisted Living Caregiver you will:

As a member of our assisted living team, you uphold our long-standing reputation of quality care in assisted living throughout the Fox Valley area. You will build meaningful relationships with coworkers and residents, leaving work with a sense of accomplishment.

Daily tasks include:

  • Read and implement Individualized service care plans.
  • Distribute medications according to Medication Administration Records (MAR) while following appropriate medication administration protocols.
  • Provide personal cares to residents as needed daily, including bathing/showers and oral care. Personal cares may also include pedicures and manicures as needed or requested by resident.
  • Monitor resident health, documenting changes and reporting them to your supervisor.
  • Check vitals weekly, or more often, if needed.
  • Update resident records by documenting daily observations.
  • Document bowel and bladder elimination on resident daily record.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Assisted Living Caregiver Qualifications

At Valley VNA, successful assisted living caregivers:

Are motivated individuals

  • Have good verbal and written communication skills
  • Enjoy working as a team
  • Previous experience providing services to the elderly, disabled or those with dementia
  • Would like to make a difference in the lives of others
  • Are interested in ongoing training and mentoring!

Does flexible scheduling, on-the-job training, work with meaning and a team atmosphere sound like your ideal position? Perfect! Valley VNA currently has open positions for resident assistants. 


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We look forward to meeting you!