Do you love making a difference in people’s lives? Read on. Valley VNA is hiring in-home personal caregivers. At Valley VNA, personal care workers receive on-the-job training and benefit from flexible scheduling.

Make a difference with a home healthcare job

If you have a passion for helping others, consider becoming a personal care worker at Valley VNA Senior Care. Our compassionate and kind personal care assistants work right in the homes of clients.

This unique home care job brings flexible schedules, opportunities to grow and the chance to make close connections with clients.

As a valued member of the Valley VNA home care team, personal care aides spend their work days traveling to clients’ homes, helping with household and personal tasks. (The position does require driving to client homes.) Personal care workers perform a variety of duties including house cleaning, small errands and meal preparation. Every home visit is different, as every client is different.

Why are In-Home Caregivers so important?

They make it possible for clients to remain in their home, where they are happiest. It is rewarding work that allows you to make a difference in the lives of our clients every day, while developing close relationships with them.

In-Home Caregiver Responsibilities

New team members shadow other In-Home Caregivers and learn detailed information about the healthcare needs of our clients, such as bathing, dressing and other daily tasks, as well as reporting and documenting skills.

Client Support

In-home caregivers help clients with a wide range of activities daily, including:

  • Care of mouth skin, hair and bathing.
  • Transfers and ambulation.
  • Range-of-motion (ROM) exercises.
  • Meal preparation and eating.
  • Elimination needs.
  • Self-administration of medications.
  • Use of adaptive aids.

In-Home Caregiver Qualifications

At Valley VNA, successful In-Home Caregivers:

Are motivated individuals

  • Have good verbal and written communication skills
  • Enjoy working as a team
  • Previous experience providing services to the elderly, disabled or those with dementia
  • Would like to make a difference in the lives of others
  • Are interested in ongoing training and mentoring!

Does it sound like a fit? 

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We are accreditted with the Diamond Program through Wisconsin Assisted Living Association (WALA). 

We are the first assisted living facility in the Fox Valley to achieve Accreditation in this rigorous program.  It is no small feat; it has taken a lot of time and resources, but we believe in the systematic quality process because it proves our first priority is always the safety and care of our residents and staff.

 “Valley VNA chose to undertake the challenging, but ultimately prestigious process toward accreditation,” said Jim Murphy, Executive Director of WALA. “Residents and families should recognize WALA Diamond Accreditation as a significant badge of honor and quality in assisted living.” Dennis Yadon, WALA Diamond Program Director added: “I have worked closely for over 3 years with the Valley VNA team to review and help them improve their quality processes. Valley VNA continues to be a leader in the area.

Testimonials from our Staff!

I like working for the Valley VNA because as a universal worker, I get the best of both worlds. I get to work with in home clients and the residents in the facility. No matter what department you work in, everyone is on the same team. I have always thought this to be true, but the day I walked into the assisted living for a 6amshift and saw the president/ceo coming off the night shift, that is when I really believed it. Everyone works together to make sure our residents and in home clients get the care they need and deserve.  Carol B. 
"I have been working here at the Valley VNA for 8 years. I work the night shift in one of our courts called Coral court. I consider the residents as my family. Every night I go to work I look forward to seeing my residents, "I think they look forward to seeing me!" With all the new assisted living establishments being built in the area, they are beautiful, but the Valley VNA is a place where the care our residents receive and how the Valley VNA treats their works out weighs any beautiful facility to work at. The workers here take wonderful care of our residents and truly treat them like family. The co-workers I work with here are great to work with, along with all of our managers and staff. The Valley VNA is a place where anyone looking for a rewarding job should come and apply here. It is a rewarding experience that has truly changed me life!"                                  
 Shari W.
Valley VNA offers an environment where I get to grow as an individual and a caregiver. Where I value our residents and my team like my family.   Raiza F.