Theresa Pichelmeyer, EdD, RN, President & CEO

Valley VNA Senior Care


In January 2022, Valley VNA will turn 114! We are proud of our steadfast commitment to the health and happiness of older adults in our community and their families.

Steadfast means resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering; the resolve not to be persuaded or worn down to be something we are not. When I set foot inside Valley VNA each new day, these are some of the things I see, hear, and experience. These things are infused with loyalty, commitment, and devotion to the people and culture of Valley VNA. Put another way, they really show what we stand for:

On December 9, the community of Valley VNA celebrated 30 years of Love Light Angels, the opportunity for residents, families, and community members to dedicate an ornament on our Love Light Angels tree in honor of someone special. Three decades in, and our community remains steadfast in support of Valley VNA’s special Christmas tribute.

Valley VNA volunteers are some of the kindest people I know. They remain committed to safely engaging with our clients and residents, from spiritual companionship to rickshaw rides (during the biking season) and other opportunities like gardening or reading. We are especially proud of Valley VNA volunteers who discover the passion we have for our vocation. In fact, two of them of them recently accepted employment at Valley VNA, and we couldn’t be happier:

  • Tom Lyons, husband to kind and musical Carol who lived with us before her death in 2020, is also known to all of us as a generous and skillful rickshaw pilot and facilitator of our men’s caregiver support group. Tom has begun caregiver training to become a member of our direct-caregiving staff at Valley VNA.
  • Kristi Branchford, also known to Valley VNA as a rickshaw pilot and supportive volunteer, has joined our staff as the new Valley VNA Senior Living Advisor. She takes up a key position to introduce potential new residents and families to Valley VNA.

When there is a call for more hands on deck, especially during this difficult era that combines pandemic precautions and staffing challenges across the health care field, our existing team members consistently step up. I see staff members pitching in to fill open shifts to support one another—and the residents and families we serve.

Many of our community programs are up and running, from Foot Care Clinics to Respite Care Programs and Meals on Wheels. As humans, we know that the need for health and social connections do not dissipate during difficult times—they become more important than ever.

Thank you for your steadfast support of Valley VNA. As we strive to serve, you consistently respond with kind words, staff treats, and support for our mission.  Happy holidays and best wishes for a good 2022—Valley VNA’s 114th year! Know that the people of Valley VNA remain steadfast in our commitment to our community and those we serve.