We recently said good-bye to Patricia, a traveling Certified Nursing Assistant who has worked at a number of locations across the country. Her outgoing personality, warmth, and compassion made it easy for staff and residents to connect with her on a very personal level. We loved having her as a member of Team Valley VNA for 12 weeks and we wish her every success! Patricia shared a few thoughts with us:
Dear Valley VNA,
My stay at your facility was one of my greatest experiences. My twelve 12-week assignment was memories in the making. I worked alongside my darling Andrea. She helped me a lot, and was very knowledgeable and able to guide me on the Sapphire routine.
I totally felt deep care for all the residents, most of all: Sue S, Sue D, Queen Ruth, Mary V, Mary Jane, Carol P, Carol Z, Ollie, Erma P, Uncle Peter, Jack, Dale, Bill, Thomas, Ellie, James, Frances, Beverly, Jean A, Janice, Donna, and Lorraine.
Valley VNA was one of my best assignments, and the very first place I have ever seen the administrator (Angela) not afraid to get her hands dirty, and the CEO (Theresa), was always picking up shifts.
These are the VNA team members that made my stay a success:
Ms. Crystal and Ms. Pat, Jessica Sakis, Jessica the bingo lady, All Lead Shift Managers: Corey, Kellie, Joelin, Nichole. Caregivers: Amber, Nicole, Danielle, Kara, Ruth, Eliza, Grace, Amanda, Ms. Carol, Rose, Becki, Comfort, Josia, Lynn, Tiffany, Raiza, Britney, Alisa.
And, Stacy Hole (one of the kindest people I’ve ever met), Maria, Elijah, Carter, Mama Myrna, Julie, Maria (the hairnet lady), Carrie (the soup lady), the maintenance team, Jimmy and Karen. The housekeeping team: Latrice, Elissa, night crew, the two sisters.
And, one of my favorite ladies is Christy (the piano lady).