Judy, a retired Registered Nurse, embarked on a new chapter of her life as a Resident Assistant at Valley VNA Senior Care. Initially intending to work here for just a year to transition into retirement, she has now been with us for an impressive 13 years.

Having always held a deep affection for the geriatric population, Judy recognizes the immense knowledge and wisdom one can gain from them. She finds great fulfillment in her hands-on approach, finding joy in providing comfort and happiness to the residents’ lives. Having worked at numerous facilities throughout her career, Judy attests that the management at Valley VNA stands out for their exceptional support, guidance, and mentorship. The management team values input from all employees and takes their suggestions seriously. Furthermore, Valley VNA places great emphasis on comprehensive orientation, training, and ongoing education for staff at all levels of experience.

According to Judy, “Valley VNA is an excellent place to start one’s medical career, or in my case, to end it.” Her most cherished memory involves an elderly woman who once shared a profound insight: “I don’t know much, but one can learn a lot just by listening. If you never do anything else for me, and I am unable to do it myself, please comb my hair.”

In her leisure time, Judy indulges in activities such as sewing, knitting, baking, gardening, and cherishing moments spent with her family and friends.