I was born in Appleton and grew up in Hortonville with my parents, two brothers and my two sisters. I am the 2nd youngest of us five.  Growing up, our family was very close and lived by the family farm.  Our house along with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins homes were all in close proximity of each other.   Every June, July and August we took time off together for family time, playing cards and enjoying hobbies.  Our family loves to play cards! One of our favorite games to play is hearts.

Our family would travel to different states, or rent a cabin on a lake in the summer.  We would also work and help my grandpa and uncles on the farm.  We had been on a bus tour trip to New York during 9/11.  It was something I’ll never forget.

I graduated from High School and worked at Woodman’s. All I wanted to do was travel and buy a motorcycle.  I saw an ad for Caregiver Training at the Valley VNA and asked my aunt more about it.  After going through the training, I became an RA in their assisted living.  One day I made this turn in a wooded area and woke up in the hospital.  The motorcycle accident took a month in the hospital, several months in a rehab and after 7 months, I am able to work again.  I continue to work with a personal trainer at the Y to build my strength back up.

Today I enjoy my nieces, nephews, playing cards, and doing anything outdoors.  I enjoy traveling and love seeing caves.  I am back at the Valley VNA after my rehab because I enjoy my work environment, my co-workers and supervisors are all nice and I like my work schedule.  My time in healthcare has made me think about going back to school for a nursing degree.  And my future also has another motorcycle in it; hopefully I can save and buy one this spring.