I was born and raised in Neenah.  I’ve lived here all my life.  Mom and dad just had my brother and me.  Mom was born with a form of CP and was told she would never have kids.  You never told mom she couldn’t do anything because she would sure prove you wrong.  Mom’s CP gave her a few challenges so I grew up helping her where I could. Looking back, that’s where I started to be a caregiver.

Growing up mom and dad loved auto racing and nascar.  It was a big deal for our family.  Dad painted cars for WIR and mom lived and breathed racing.  We would go to the Indy 500 often and stay with family in the area.

I graduated from Neenah high school in 1999.  After high school I attended Fox Valley Technical College for my associate degree in Occupational Therapy Assistance.  After graduation I applied for a job at the Valley VNA and have been here ever since.  Here I am almost 15 years later, and I’m a shift manager.  My husband and I met before I graduated from high school.  We were friends and went to the same party, and that was that.  We have been married for almost 13 years now.  We waited a bit to have kids always wanting to have more money or a better house.  Mom died sudden when she was 54 years old.  I thought life is way too short, so we had Olivia our daughter the next year.  Olivia has my mom’s middle name, Ann.  Our son Logan was born in 2011.  Both are great kids, they like all the things that kids love; going to the pool, snow tubing, family fun.

Dad had a liver transplant in 2010.  He is retired and doing great now, but really fought to live.  My brother and I were the constant and never left him during his surgery and recovery.  Now he is more social than I am!  He is in social groups, goes to the Fox Cities Performing Arts and to the symphony. He has fun in life!

I like spooky movies, ghosts, paranormal stuff.  I love volunteering at the kid’s school and I am the birthday kid’s book program coordinator.  My son is in 4K so I help in the different stations with numbers and letters in his class. I really enjoy getting to know the other kids in the classes with my kids.  That’s my life, family, fun and our kids.  We have not been to Disney World yet, but I would love for all of us to go someday. My goal for the future is to live and be happy.  I’m very happy here at the Valley VNA, I have flexibility here with kids. We are all like family!