Valley VNA

Valley VNA Senior Services is dementia aware!  Active with the Fox Valley Memory Project’s program action committee, we have volunteered to present the Purple Angel Awareness Program in the Neenah-Menasha area.

The Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Program works to train employees to offer hospitality and support to people with confusion, memory loss or other symptoms associated with dementia. This program trains employees that work for a variety  businesses and public institutions, such as:

  • Restaurants & Retail shops
  • Grocery Stores
  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Libraries & City Buildings

Businesses that have completed the training process can be identified by the Purple Angel decal displayed in their window. People with dementia, along with their care partners can be assured these establishments will welcome them warmly and offer any extra assistance if needed.

If you are a business that focuses on customer service and would like to help improve the lives of those with dementia, consider participating in the training process.

Please call 920-727-5555 or check out our events calendar for upcoming training sessions.