Do you know someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia? Chances are you do. There are an estimated 5.3 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease. The Purple Angel Dementia Awareness program aims to educate the community and local businesses about dementia and how to assist those with the disease.

The program helps support the principle that people living with dementia have the right to live a full life and continue to be involved in their communities. The program helps empower those living with the disease by offering awareness training to local businesses.

The Fox Valley Memory Project helps support the program in the Fox Valley area. Businesses and public institutions in the community are eligible to become Purple Angel aware certified. Employees go through training sessions to learn how to offer hospitality and support to individuals with memory loss, confusion or other dementia-related symptoms.

Any business can go through the training sessions to become certified. There are a variety of businesses already certified in the Fox Valley, including restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, libraries, schools and community centers.

Employees are trained on what dementia is and how to understand the disease. They are also trained in how to assist those with dementia, so individuals with the disease will feel supported in the public places around the community.

Once a business completes the training process, staff receives a purple angel to hang in the business’ window to let people know they are dementia aware. People with dementia and their caregivers can be assured the certified establishments will offer extra assistance if needed.

Dementia Aware Purple Angel Program

If you are interested in becoming a Purple Angel business, please call (920) 727-5555, or visit this page.