Assisted living housing is a long-term senior care option that provides personal care support services, such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation services. Transitioning into an assisted living home can be a tough process for seniors. The thought of leaving the home that has provided so many memories and moving into an unknown place can be scary. These tips will help make the transition to assisted living smooth and comfortable:

Communication: It is important for the transitioning senior, their families and caregivers to keep an open line of communication. Family members should know how the transition is going and be in contact with the caregivers to start. At first, you may not feel comfortable voicing your concerns or needs to caregivers. If so, let your family members know so they can help voice your needs or concerns. The sooner everyone is on the same page, the better.

Personal items: Make your new space feel like home. The more your personalize it, the more comfortable you will be. Hang pictures of your family, friends and great memories. Arrange the furniture how you want it and give it the same feel as your old home. Before you know it, your new space will feel just like home!

Interaction: Make friends with members in your new community who have already gone through the transition. They can help and give support when needed. Plus, making friends will make your experience more pleasurable. Having people to do activities with and accompany you to events will improve your overall mood!

Keep an open mind: Is your new space going to feel like home on the first night? Probably not, but with some time and a positive attitude, you will realize that the decision to move into an assisted living facility was the right choice.

Using these tips will help make the transition to assisted living a pleasurable experience. As always, if you have any questions related to caregiving or need assistance, call one of our team members at (920) 727-5555.