In-home care is a great option for seniors who need a little extra help at home. By receiving help from our in-home staff, seniors are able to stay independent in their homes by getting help with personal care, shopping, errands or transportation.

Managing multiple medications can be difficult for seniors. An in-home caregiver can give medication reminders and observe that medication is being taken as directed by their doctor.

Eating healthy is important. Caregivers can come into the home and prepare nutritional meals for seniors, while taking personal food preferences into consideration. Caregivers can even cook with seniors for a fun experience! Grocery shopping becomes difficult with age, too. Valley VNA’s in-home care program allows caregivers to grocery shop and run miscellaneous errands for your loved one. Or help with transportation needs to and from appointments.

You and your family can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being taken care of. The caregiver can help observe your family member’s well-being, provide quality of life and increase socialization.

Having a professional caregiver in the home can provide seniors with much needed companionship. Studies show that older adults that stay socially active have lower blood pressure, reduced risk of depression and lower risk of Alzheimer’s. The socialization can be in the home, or out and about.

Break for the family caregiver
Our in-home care provides respite care for family caregivers because they need time to themselves, too. We are able to provide assistance for as long as needed. Whether the family caregiver needs an hour or two to themselves or a week-long vacation, our caring team members can provide the care and companionship while you are away.

As always, if you have any questions related to in-home care or need assistance, call one of our team members at (920) 727-5555.