Gloria, is a one-of-a kind!  Not only does she receive services through our In-Home Care, she once was a caregiver employed by Valley VNA.

She and her husband, Vern have been married over 40 years.  They had quite the family when they married and each brought 5 children along for the ride.  You can only imagine what a job raising 10 children would be, but now Gloria enjoys time with 20 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.  Not surprising, Gloria says her biggest accomplishment was raising her children.

Up for an adventure, Gloria and Vern drove truck with Allied Van Lines for 13 years. Gloria had her chauffeur’s license but let Vern do most of the driving.  Their travels took them to every state in the continental U.S. and into Mexico and Canada.  Like most truckers, they loved stopping at different restaurants and truck stops, meeting people and learning about various customs in different parts of the country.

A favorite stop was Tucson, Arizona. Gloria enjoyed the country-side and chuckled at being in the big city one minute and the next, driving by houses with horses tied up in their front yards.  She even recalls, the best tip she learned on the road from a local farmer, “When buying Vidalia onions, always look for flat ones. They are the sweetest.”  Gloria still uses that tip today.

As mentioned, Gloria also worked at Valley VNA as a Homemaker Companion from 2001 – 2006. She enjoyed helping people stay in their home and felt like she made a difference.  Her clients loved her!

Gloria has many hobbies. She enjoys reading and watching all the traffic and activity going on right outside her big picture window.

Barb, has been Gloria’s In-Home caregiver for almost 7 years.  She appreciates Barb’s helpful attitude and that she was quick to learn her routine, likes and dislikes.  Gloria really looks forward to Barb’s visits.

What would Gloria tell her friends about Valley VNA’s In-Home Care?  “I would tell people that it’s a great place to work!  I even have a daughter who just started working there.  I would also tell people, it’s even better being on the receiving end, since they really help me out.”