Kari has a heart for caregiving!  With over 20 years in caregiving, she truly believes this is her calling.  Before working at Valley VNA, Kari worked for 12 years doing in-home care in Green Bay. She took a little time off to raise her family and once they started school she worked a few years at a daycare.  Still looking for the right fit, Kari moved to Kaukauna and found work with Valley VNA’s In-Home Care.  She remembers leaving Valley VNA for another job.  After 3 weeks, she came back saying, “I just missed everyone too much!”

The “everyones” were her clients who are the favorite part of her job.  With in-home care, she gets an opportunity to take her time with each client and really get to know them personally.  While sometimes finding it challenging to discover each person likes and dislikes, she loves it when she makes that connection and works hard to figure out different ways to make each of them happy.  She also enjoys hearing their stories, “They have seen so much change in their lifetime.  It’s great to hear what they think and get their point of view.”

Why does Kari stay?  Because of the great relationships she has built with her clients and their families.  She knows them and they know and trust her.  Kari wants what’s best for her clients, “I believe in encouraging them to do as much as they can for themselves, but I’ll be there to lend a helping hand.”

Kari’s favorite quote comes from one of her gentlemen who, rain or shine, always says, “You brought the sunshine today.  Everyday you come is a sunny day”.

In her spare time Kari enjoys going for walks, reading and watching movies.

Her advice for new employees, “Listen! You need to be a good listener in this job. Work hard to follow their wishes.  Always give them the respect they deserve and help them keep their dignity.  Also, remember that regardless of their condition, they just want someone to show them compassion.”